§ 573.30  Dragging Anchor; Markers Locating Pipes, Wires and Cables
   All vessels of any description navigating the harbor are hereby prohibited from dragging their anchors at any point in the Cuyahoga River or old river bed. Any owner, master, officer or other person in charge of any such vessels, violating any provisions of this section, shall be liable to the person injured for all damages sustained by reason of such violation to the water pipes of the City, or to the gas pipes of any gas and coke company or gas company, or the wires or cables of the City, or of any person or company having proper authority for laying such wires or cables located within the limits of the harbor. The Director of Port Control shall cause suitable signboards to be erected on each side of the River, indicating the location of all water and gas pipes, or wires and cables.
(Ord. No. 1484-54. Passed 6-21-54, eff. 6-29-54)