§ 573.18  Harbor Master’s Jurisdiction and Duties
   The Harbor Master, or person designated by the Director of Port Control to carry out the Harbor Master’s duties is hereby authorized and required to give such orders and directions relative to the location, change of place or station, the manner of moving in the harbor of every vessel, lying, moving or laid up in the harbor, as may be necessary to promote order therein, and the safety and equal convenience of such vessels. The authority and jurisdiction of the Harbor Master are hereby extended to all vessels entering, navigating or lying in any slip within the City. All penalties prescribed in this chapter for a violation of regulations, or disobedience of the orders or directions of the Harbor Master, are hereby made applicable to the owners, masters or other persons having charge of such vessels and may be imposed in the same manner and to the same extent as is prescribed against owners, masters or other persons in charge of vessels within the limits of the harbor. No owner, master or other person, having in charge the same, shall refuse or neglect to obey any such order or direction.
(Ord. No. 1348-90. Passed 8-23-90, eff. 8-31-90)