§ 573.25  Ship in Distress Assisted by Other Vessels; Compensation
   If any steamboat, vessel or other craft in making or leaving the harbor is in distress or danger and obliged to anchor outside the harbor, or if any steamboat, vessel or other craft by anchoring inside the piers or other part of the harbor, or by winding or other cause shall get foul and obstruct the navigation or passage of other boats or crafts, the Harbor Master shall have power and is hereby authorized to order to its assistance men, boats and tackle from any tug lying in the harbor, or any other boat or craft in port, unless such vessel or craft contemplates immediate departure from port or departs within thirty (30) minutes after having been called upon for such assistance. Every master or officer of such boat, craft or tug shall render the assistance so ordered; every master or officer shall receive such assistance when his or her vessel obstructs the passage of any other vessel. Any steamboat, vessel or other craft or float receiving such assistance shall pay to the person rendering the same any sum fixed by the Harbor Master, not exceeding fifty dollars ($50.00).