General Provisions
   158.001   Title
   158.002   Intent and purpose
   158.003   Rules for construction
   158.004   Definitions
District Regulations; General Provisions
   158.010   Allowable use of land or buildings
   158.011   Control over use
   158.012   Control over bulk
   158.013   Accessory buildings, structures and uses
   158.014   Yards, general
   158.015   Permitted obstructions in required yards
   158.016   Building erection and construction requirements
   158.017   Procedure for zoning of territory to be annexed or annexed territory
   158.018   Incorporation of the zoning map
   158.019   Miscellaneous
   158.020   Exceptions
Zoning Districts
   158.030   Establishment of districts
   158.031   Incorporation of maps
   158.032   Boundaries of districts
   158.033   Schedule of use regulations by districts
   158.034   Schedule of height and bulk regulations by districts
Planned Unit Developments
   158.040   Definitions
   158.041   Purpose
   158.042   Permitted uses
   158.043   Minimum size
   158.044   Variance
   158.045   Maximum density
   158.046   Procedure
   158.047   Pre-application conference
   158.048   Conceptual PUD submission
   158.049   Review of conceptual PUD submission
   158.050   Technical requirements for location map
Planned Unit Developments (Cont'd)
   158.051   Preliminary PUD plan procedure
   158.052   Tentative approval
   158.053   Review of preliminary plan by Village Board
   158.054   Zoning procedures
   158.055   Site plan; final plat review
   158.056   Construction plans
   158.057   Required information
   158.058   Standards for approval of construction plans
   158.059   Minimum development standards
Supplemental Regulations
   158.070   Mobile home park regulations
   158.071   Special regulations applicable to all zones
   158.072   Off-street parking regulations
   158.073   Off-street loading regulations
   158.074   Regulations pertaining to both accessory off-street parking and loading facilities
   158.075   Swimming pool regulations
   158.076   Fences
   158.077   Signs
   158.078   Performance standards in industrial zones
Non-Conforming Lots, Non-Conforming Uses of Land,
Non-Conforming Structures, Non-Conforming Uses of Structures and
Premises and Non-Conforming Characteristics of Use
   158.090   Intent
   158.091   Non-conformance lots of record
   158.092   Non-conforming uses of land (or land with minor structures only)
   158.093   Non-conforming structures
   158.094   Non-conforming uses of structures or of structures and premises in combination
   158.095   Repairs and maintenance
   158.096   Uses under special use provisions not non-conforming uses
   158.110   Zoning certificates
   158.111   Duties of the Zoning Administrator
   158.112   Planning Commission
   158.113   Planning Commission procedure and rules
   158.114   Procedures for zoning amendments
   158.115   Procedures for initial zoning pursuant to annexation agreement
   158.116   Special uses
   158.117   Zoning Board of Appeals
   158.118   Procedures of the Zoning Board of Appeals
   158.119   Procedures for limited rezoning amendments
   158.120   Appeals procedures
   158.121   Variations
   158.122   Fees for variances, appeals and amendments
   158.123   Violation, penalty and enforcement
   158.124   Nuisances
   A. Bylaws of the Planning Commission
   B. Petition for zoning amendment
   C. Petition for special use
   D. Petition for zoning variance
   E. Petition for limited rezoning amendment
   F. Fence requirements for business - residential separation