(A)   Adopted Codes.  The following Codes are adopted by reference, with the insertions, deletions, modifications and supplementations set forth in divisions (B) through (F) of this Appendix. Collectively, these codes are referred to herein as the "Adopted Codes".
      (1)   International Building Code, 2012 Edition ("IBC").
      (2)   International Residential Code - One and Two Family Buildings, 2012 Edition ("IRC").
      (3)   National Electric Code, 2011 Edition ("NEC").
      (4)   Illinois Plumbing Code, 2004 Edition ("IPC").
      (5)   Life Safety Code, NFPA 101, 2000 Edition, except Chapter 24 thereof.
      (6)   International Property Maintenance Code, 2012 Edition.
   (B)   Insertions common to several Adopted Codes.  The term "Village of Chatham" will be inserted in the Adopted Codes wherever there is a reference therein to the adopting jurisdiction, including but not limited to Section 101.1 of the IBC, Section R101.1 of the IRC and Section 101.1 of the IPMC.
   (C)   Exclusions, deletions and modifications common to Adopted Codes.
      (1)   All provisions the Adopted Codes expressly or impliedly requiring sprinkler systems in one and two family dwellings are deleted, including but not limited to Section R313 and Section P2904 of the IRC.
      (2)   All provisions in the Adopted Codes pertaining to inspections during construction of structures are modified as follows:
         (a)   The village shall conduct inspections pursuant to IRC and IBC, and shall also inspect electric service and plumbing installations, during the following phases of construction:
            1.   Site or stakeout;
            2.   Footing;
            3.   Framing;
            4.   Rough-in (mechanical, electrical and plumbing);
            5.   Fireplace (if applicable);
            6.   Electric meter base and outdoor electrical equipment installation inspection;
            7.   Final.
         (b)   The village shall not inspect structures for compliance with the International Energy Efficiency Code, which is incorporated by reference in the IRC and IBC. However, owners and contractors are reminded that compliance with the International Energy Efficiency Code is required by the IRC and IBC, and by state law.
      (3)   Section 1809 of the 2012 International Building Code - Shallow Foundations shall be modified to allow free-standing buildings 900 square feet or less for light frame construction to be excepted from the frost protection provisions of Section 1809.5 of the 2012 International Building Code Section 1809, provided that the free-standing building has a 4" monolithic slab with turn down footings as set forth in the provided "Figure A" and provided further that the free-standing building meets the other two requirements for exception under Section 1809.5.
   (D)   Supplement to National Electric Code. 
      (1)   Sections 210.52 and 220.3 of the National Electric Code are supplemented with the following provisions, which shall control over any conflicting provisions in Sections 210.52 and 220.3:
      (2)   No more than two 20 ampere duplex receptacle outlets shall be served in kitchen under cabinet or over countertop applications per 20 ampere circuit. However, an additional 440 watts could be used to feed lighting and other equipment in the vicinity if necessary, but the feed also has to be 20 amperes (#12 Awg. Wire).
      (3)   Information Note: All circuits must be fused for smallest size conductor of that particular circuit and Article 220-3 must be adhered to regarding number of boxes allowed on circuit.
   (E)   Insertions in International Property Maintenance Code.
      (1)   Section 304.14: May 1 through October 31.
      (2)   Section 602.3: October 1 through April 30.
      (3)   Section 602.4: October 1 through April 30.
   (F)   Deletion from IRC: Section R501.3, “Fire protection of floors”.
(Ord. 13-19, passed 7-9-13; Am. Ord. 14-11, passed 3-11-14; Am. Ord. 20-35, passed 12-8-20)