The following schedule sets forth the permitted uses and special uses for the various zoning districts.
   (A)   Pre-urbanized District, P-1.
      (1)   Permitted uses:
         Animal Hospital
         Home Occupations
         Residences, Single Family
      (2)   Special uses:
         Cemeteries and Mausoleums
         Fruit and Vegetable Stands
         Golf Courses
         Heliports and Airports
         Historic Sites
         Nursery School
         Parks, Public
         Planned Unit Developments
         Police and Fire Stations
         Private Outdoor Recreation (including stables)
         Public Outdoor Recreation
         Public Swimming Pool
         Satellite Receiving Station or Uplinks, Commercial
         Schools, Elementary and High
         Wildlife Game Preserve
   (B)   Residential, single family, low density, R-1.
      (1)   Permitted uses:
         Home Occupations
         Public Open Spaces
         Single-Family Dwelling Units
      (2)   Special uses:  The following institutional uses, provided that principal buildings shall be located not less than 20 feet from adjoining lot lines in a residential district.
         Day Care Home
         Golf Course
         Police and Fire Stations
         Private Outdoor Recreation Centers
         Public Libraries
         Public Open space, including customary public parks
         Public Outdoor Recreation Centers
         Public Swimming Pool
          Schools, Public or Private, to be used for elementary, junior and senior high, with adjacent space for playgrounds, athletic fields, including scoreboards and/or advertisement signage to be a maximum of 40 feet in height and 800 square feet in size, dormitories and other accessory uses required for operation
      Seminaries, convents, monasteries and similar religious institutions, including dormitories and other accessory uses required for operation
   (C)   Residential, single family, low density, R-1A.
      (1)   Permitted uses same as R-1 District.
      (2)   Special uses same as R-1 District.
   (D)   Residential, single family and two-family, low density, R-2.
      (1)   Permitted uses:
         Same as R-1 District
         Zero Lot Line Duplexes
      (2)   Special uses:
         Same as R-1 District
         Assisted Care Facility
   (E)   Residence District, multiple family, medium density, R-3.
      (1)   Permitted uses:
         Zero Lot Line Duplexes
         Day Care Homes
         Multiple Family, Attached Dwelling Units
         Congregate Housing
         Assisted Care Facility
      (2)   Special uses:
         Same as R-1 District
         Nursing homes
         Family Care Facility
         Group Care Facility
         Shelter Care Facility
   (F)   R-3A Residential District, Multiple Family, Medium Density Four-Plex.
(1)   Permitted Uses: only apartment buildings with four dwelling units.
(2)   Special Uses: None.
   (G)   Residence-Mobile Home District, RM-4.
   (H)   Residence-Office District.  (Obsolete -- See Appendix A)
   (I)   Community Business District, B-1.
      (1)   Permitted uses:
         Antique, Coin, Stamp and Other Collectibles Shop
         Art Galleries
         Art Supplies
         Banks and Financial Institutions
         Barber Shops
         Beauty Parlors
         Bed and Breakfast
         Book Stores
         Restaurants without drive-through facilities
         Camera and Photographic Supply
         Candy Shops
         Clubs - private
         Convenience Stores, no gasoline sales
         Day Care Center
         Dress Making
         Drug Store without liquor sales
         Dry Cleaning
         Funeral Homes
         Gift Shops
         Golf Course
         Ice Cream Shops
         Jewelry Stores
         Locksmith Shops
         Millinery Shops
         Parking, Off-street
         Public Swimming Pool
         Shoe Repair
         Stationery store
         Tailor Shops
         Video Sales and Rentals
      (2)   Special uses:
         Animal Hospitals without outside runs or boarding
         Community Centers
         Fire Stations
         Health Service Facility
         Owner-occupied Dwelling Units above first floor
         Satellite Receiving Station or uplinks, commercial
   (J)   General Business District, B-2.
      (1)   Permitted uses:
         Advertising sign shops
         Animal Hospitals
         Auction houses and rooms, excluding livestock
         Auto Parts
         Automobile service stations
         Automotive repairs and auto body repair and painting
         Banquet Halls
         Boat Sales
         Bicycle stores, sales, rentals and repairs
         Blueprinting establishments
         Bowling alleys
         Building material sales without outdoor storage
         Business machine sale and services
         Business schools
         Car Wash
         Carpet and rug stores
         Casket and casket supplies
         Catering establishments
         Clothing and costume rental establishments
         Commercial printing
         Community centers
         Construction offices
         Currency exchanges
         Dance halls
         Diet centers
         Dental laboratories
         Department stores
         Drug sales with liquor sales
         Electric shops
         Electrical appliance stores
         Electronic sales and service
         Feed stores
         Frozen food shops and lockers
         Fuel sales, retail only
         Furniture stores
         Furrier shops
         Garden supply stores
         Golf course
         Grocery stores
         Hat and repairs
         Hardware stores
         Hobby shops
         Household appliance stores
         Ice sales, retail only
         Interior decoration shops
         Leather goods
         Liquor stores
         Mail order houses
         Meeting halls
         Medical appliances
         Medical laboratories
         Motor vehicle equipment sales
         Motor vehicle sales
         Musical instrument, sales and repairs
         Newspaper offices
         Office supply stores
         Orthopedic appliance stores
         Parking, commercial
         Pet shops
         Pawn shops
         Photographic, studio, sales and service
         Picture framing
         Plumbing shop
         Private Club or Lodge
         Pool Halls
         Post office
         Public Swimming Pool
         Radio broadcasting
         Recording studios
         Recreation building
         Research laboratories
         Restaurants, with drive-through facilities
         Restaurants and bars with live entertainment and dancing
         School supply stores
         Schools, dance, music
         Sewing machine sales and service
         Shoe stores
         Skating rinks, indoor
         Small engine repair
         Sporting goods
         Telephone offices
         Testing laboratories
         Television broadcasting studios
         Toy stores
         Trade schools
         Trailer sales
         Transportation ticket offices
         Travel bureaus
         Variety stores
         Video arcades
         Vending machines, sales and service
         Wholesale establishments - storage limited to samples
         All retail uses compatible with the foregoing list
      (2)   Special uses:
         Antenna towers
         Electrical distribution centers
         Fire stations
         Police stations
         Private outdoor recreation centers
         Public outdoor recreation centers
   (K)   Restricted Performance Manufacturing, I-1.
      (1)   Permitted uses:
         (a)   Uses permitted in the I-1 District are subject to the following condition: Dwelling units and lodging rooms are not permitted, except for watchmen’s quarters.
         (b)   The following uses are permitted in the I-1 District:
            1.   Any establishment, engaged in production, processing, cleaning,  servicing, testing, repair or storage of materials, goods, or products.
            2.   Self storage mini-warehouse.
      (2)   The following additional uses:
         Adult uses, pursuant to a permit granted in accordance with Chapter 161 of this Code of Ordinances
         Arenas, open or enclosed
         Auditoriums, open or enclosed
         Auto laundries
         Automobile service stations
         Building material sales with outside storage
         Bus terminals and garages
         Cartage and express facilities
         Construction equipment storage
         Contractors’ office, shops and yards
         Dental service facilities
         Dry cleaning plant
         Dwelling units for watchmen and their families, when located on the premises where employed
         Electric, wholesale
         Electric, gas, telephone and water service substations
         Feed sales and service
         Fertilizer sales and services
         Fire stations
         Food locker
         Fuel sales
         Furniture, repair and upholstery
         Garages for storage, repair and servicing of motor vehicles
         Gas regulator stations
         Grain elevators
         Greenhouses - wholesale
         Highway maintenance shops and yards
         Hotels sleeping, lodging, eating and related facilities
         Ice sales
         Machinery sales
         Mail order houses
         Medical service facilities
         Motor freight terminals
         Offices and lodges of labor organizations
         Packing and crating
         Police stations
         Publishing establishments
         Railroad passenger stations
         Recreational center building (public and private)
         Restaurants - including the sale of liquor in conjunction therewith
         Satellite Receiving Station or uplink, commercial
         Stadiums, open or enclosed
         Telephone exchanges
         Telephone transmission equipment buildings
         Temporary buildings for construction purposes for a period not to exceed the duration of such construction
         Temporary real estate tract offices, for the purposes of conducting the sale of lots of the tract upon which such tract office is located, for a period not to exceed two years
         Truck wash
         Weighing stations
         Wholesale establishments
         Accessory uses, incidental to and on the same lot and zoning district as the principal use
      (3)   Special uses:
         Airports, private and commercial
         Auxiliary facilities
         Flying schools
         Grain elevators
         Heliports and other flight strips
   (L)   General Performance Manufacturing; I-2.
      (1)   Permitted uses:
         All permitted uses in I-1
         Air-freight terminals
         Fertilizer manufacturing
         Railroad-classification yards
         Railroad-freight terminals
         Railroad-switching yards
         Railroad-repair shops
      (2)   Special uses:
         Same as I-1
         Bulk Fuel Sales
         Junk Yards
         Sanitary landfill
         Radio and TV transmitting or relay stations and antennas
         Utility-transmission towers
         Extraction of minerals
   (M)   Planned Unit Development.  See §§ 158.040 through 158.059.
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