(A)   Building permit fee.               $.20 per square foot, or $85, whichever is greater.
   (B)   Mechanical permit fee.            $85.
   (C)   Electrical permit fee.             $85.
   (D)   Plumbing permit fee.            $85.
   (E)   Building permit electric meter fee.         $140.
   (F)   Contractor annual registration.         $25.
   (G)   Tree trimming permit.            $30.
   (H)   Plan review fee.  If conducted for the village by IRC or consultants – $150 deposit required; balance to be billed to owner at cost plus 5% administration fee, to be paid before final inspection. If conducted by the Building Code Administrator, no additional charge.
   (I)   Re-inspection fee.  If a structure or other work fails an inspection, necessitating a re-inspection, the re-inspection fee shall be $70.
   (J)   Additional fee for non-residential inspection.  The foregoing fee structure is for one and two family structures with an inspection schedule as set forth in § 150.28 of the Village of Chatham Code of Ordinances. For other structures, e.g., apartments, commercial, industrial, hotel, and nursing home construction governed by IRC, the village normally must retain the services of an outside experts, e.g., structural engineers, architects, etc. For such structures and work, the owner shall be responsible for paying the greater of the fees set forth above, or the actual cost to the village of such outside services, plus a 5% administration fee. At the time of application, the owner shall pay to the village the Building Code fees as set forth above. However, if the village’s actual cost is greater than the fees specified above, then the owner shall be liable to pay the village the difference at or before the final inspection. The owner, the Building Code Administrator, and the Village Engineer or the other outside expert, should confer as soon as possible after the building permit application is made to discuss the scope and schedule of plan reviews and building inspections so as to minimize the inconvenience and expense to the owner.
   (K)   Rates for inspectors.  The Building Code Administrator is authorized to contract with inspectors at up to a $35 flat fee per inspection. Inspectors shall be paid $23 per hour for assisting the village with plan reviews. Prior to payment, inspectors shall provide the village with an invoice detailing the date, time, and location of each inspection. Frequency of payment shall be specified in the contract. Effective September 1, 2018, the Village Manager may authorize the Building Code Administrator to increase the flat and hourly fees of inspectors by no more than $3 per year.
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