(A)   Compatibility.  Accessory buildings, structures and uses shall be compatible with the principal uses and shall not be established prior to the establishment of the principal use.
   (B)   Location.  No accessory buildings or structure, unless it conforms with the requirements of accessory buildings for conditional uses, shall be erected or altered at, nor moved to, a location within ten feet of the nearest wall of the principal building, nor within the required area of a front or side yard.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, an accessory building may be located within ten and three feet of the nearest wall of the principal building if the wall(s) within three and ten feet are one-hour fire rated walls. For purposes of this section, a wall shall be presumed to be a one-hour fire rated wall if it is constructed with two layers of "Type X 5/8" drywall or gypsum board.
   An accessory building, structure of use in a rear yard shall be not less than three feet from any property line, except that on a corner lot, a reversed corner lot, or a through lot, such accessory building, structure or use shall be set back from the property line adjoining a street the distance required herein for the principal building.  No accessory building shall be located on an underground utility easement or on a drainage easement or so as to interfere with the easement.
   (C)   Encroachment.  No accessory building, structure, or use shall encroach upon that side yard of a corner lot which is adjacent to the street, upon that side of a reversed corner lot which is adjacent to the street, upon that part of a rear yard, or of a through lot, which is within 35 feet from the street line abutting the rear lot line, or upon a front yard, except as permitted herein for specific uses.
   (D)   Height of accessory buildings.  No building or structure, accessory to dwelling uses, shall have more than one story nor exceed 17 feet in height unless otherwise permitted.
   (E)   A private residential pool is an accessory use.  See § 158.073 of this chapter for further pool regulations.
(Ord. 96-54, passed 3-26-96; Am. Ord. 17-12, passed 3-14-17)