General Provisions
   154.01   Application of regulations; conformance required
   154.02   Definitions
   154.03   Variance in cases of undue hardship
Preliminary Plat
   154.10   Application for tentative approval of final plat
   154.11   Preparation by registered engineer
   154.12   Features and information to be included
   154.13   Vicinity sketch; horizontal scale
   154.14   Construction plans for improvements
   154.15   Planning Commission to approve or disapprove
   154.16   Duty to proceed with work or post bond
   154.17   Exemption to preliminary plat regulations
Final Plat
   154.25   Formal request for approval
   154.26   Features and information to be included; scale
   154.27   Prints, original tracing or transparent copy to be submitted
   154.28   Approval procedure
   154.29   Recordation, final sales of lots prohibited before final plat approval
Principles of Design and Layout
   154.35   Conformance to principles required
   154.36   Layout to conform to major street plan, city master plan
   154.37   Dedication of open space
   154.38   Street and alley layout
   154.39   Block layout
   154.40   Minimum rights-of-way
   154.41   Minimum pavement widths
   154.42   Street grades; curvature
   154.43   Intersections
   154.44   Lots
   154.45   Exemption from design and layout principles
   154.55   Conformance to regulations required
   154.56   Completion of improvements or posting of bond before filing final plat
   154.57   Streets
   154.58   Sidewalks
   154.59   Storm sewers or drainage system
   154.60   Sanitary sewer system
   154.61   Water system
   154.62   Telephone or electric poles or underground conduits
   154.63   Monuments
   154.64   Street name signs
   154.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Planning and zoning, see KRS Ch. 100
   Subdivision regulations, see KRS 100.273 through 100.291