§ 154.44  LOTS.
   (A)   The size, shape, and orientation of lots shall be appropriate for the location of the proposed subdivision and for the type of development contemplated.
   (B)   Excessive depth in relation to width ordinarily shall be avoided. A proportion of two to one normally shall be considered appropriate.
   (C)   Every lot shall abut on or have direct access to a public street.
   (D)   Lots for residence purposes shall be in accordance with the minimum requirements of the zoning code, and shall be at least 50 feet wide at the building setback line in any case, in order to permit compliance with the side yard requirements of the zoning code and still be adequate for a building or practicable width.
   (E)   Corner lots for residential use ordinarily shall be platted wider than interior lots in order to permit conformance with the setback required by the zoning code on the side street.
   (F)   Residential lots fronting on highways, thoroughfares, and parkways should have extra depth to permit deep setbacks for the buildings.
   (G)   Double-frontage lots and reversed-frontage lots shall be avoided.
   (H)   Side lot lines shall be approximately at right angles to the right-of-way line of the street on which the lot fronts.
('83 Code, § 156.44) (Ord. 27-1960, passed 7-12-60) Penalty, see § 154.99