Approval of a minor subdivision is authorized provided there is the designation on the face of the plat by the Director, Acting Director, or designated staff member of the Planning and Community Development Department that the minor subdivision is in compliance with the master plan and provided all of the following are satisfied.
   (A)   The requested subdivision action meets the definition of a minor subdivision contained in § 154.02.
   (B)   The owner of land subject to a minor subdivision has filed an application and the original and two copies of the minor subdivision plat with the Planning Commission.  The minor subdivision plat shall comply with the minimum standards of practice for land surveying in the state, as adopted in 1980 and as amended from time to time.  This plat shall show to the satisfaction of the Director of Engineering the following.
      (1)   An accurately drawn plat at a scale of 100 feet, or less, to the inch.
      (2)   The name of the subdivision, north arrow, date, written and graphic scale, the name and address of the subdivider, and land surveyor/professional engineer.
      (3)   A vicinity map relating the property to a sufficient number of streets and other landmarks to enable easy identification of the subdivision's location in the city.
      (4)   Angles or true bearings and distance to the nearest established street line or existing official monuments which shall be accurately described on the plat.
      (5)   At least one corner of the land being subdivided must be referenced to a corner of any parent tracts, durable object, or controlled network (i.e. the state plane coordinates) where the corner, durable physical object, or geodetic station of a controlled network is reasonably accessible.
      (6)   Notation of the location, type, material, and size of all found or set monuments and lot markers.
      (7)   For all arcs, the length, radii, central angles, internal angles, points of curvature, tangency, and the length of all tangents shall be shown.
      (8)   For all easements lands, for joint use of property owners or other rights-of-way, the location, width, and the printed words "public easement" or other designation as appropriate shall be shown.
      (9)   For all lot lines, the dimensions in feet and hundredths, bearings, and angles to the nearest 30 seconds shall be shown.
      (10)   For all lots, lot numbers, building address numbers, and building setback lines shall be shown.
      (11)   Sufficient information to demonstrate that the lot pattern created by the minor subdivision plat conforms to the adopted zoning code.
      (12)   An owner's certificate, engineer's or surveyor's certificate, certificate of the Director of Engineering, and a certificate of the Planning Director shall be included.
   (C)   The owner and engineer/ surveyor placed an original signature on the appropriate certificate on the original plat and each copy of the plat.
   (D)   The Director of Engineering has signed the appropriate certificate on the plat acknowledging that the content of the minor subdivision conforms to the regulations set out in this chapter.
   (E)   The Director, Acting Director, or staff member of the Planning and Community Development Department designated by the Planning Commission has signed the appropriate certificate of approval on the plat.
   (F)   If any element of this section is not shown on the minor subdivision plat, the plat may be reviewed by the Planning Commission at its next regular meeting at the request of the owner.  The Planning Commission may grant variances from any of the provisions of this subsection covering minor subdivisions and approve the plat, provided the variances are reasonable and do not violate sound land planning and land surveying principles.  The plat must be recorded in the office of the County Clerk at the expense of the subdivider within six calendar months of the date of the plat's approval; otherwise, the plat is null and void.
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