The preliminary plat shall clearly show and include the following features and information.
   (A)   The proposed name of the subdivision, which shall not duplicate or closely approximate the name of any other subdivision in the county.
   (B)   The tract designation according to the real estate records of the county.
   (C)   The names and addresses of the owners of record, the subdivider, and the engineer who prepared the plat.
   (D)   The names of adjoining subdivisions and the names of record owners of adjoining parcels of unplatted land.
   (E)   The boundary lines, accurate in scale, of the tract to be subdivided.
   (F)   The location, widths, and names of all existing or platted streets or other public ways and easement proration lines, established triangulation points, or other established survey corners or lines, and other important features such as existing permanent buildings, large trees, water courses, railroad lines, and the like.
   (G)   Existing sewers, water mains, culverts, and other underground structures within the tract and immediately adjacent thereto, with pipe sizes and grades indicated.
   (H)   Contours, normally with intervals of five feet, referenced to the city datum, or as may be required by the Planning Commission.
   (I)   The layout, proposed names, and widths of proposed streets, alleys, and easements; the location and approximate sizes of proposed catch basins, culverts, and other drainage structures; and the layout, numbers, and approximate dimensions of proposed lots.
   (J)   Proposed front yard setback or other setback lines.
   (K)   All parcels of land intended to be dedicated or reserved for public use, or to be reserved in the deeds for the common use of property owners in the subdivision, with the purpose, conditions, or limita-tions of the dedication or reservation indicated.
   (L)   North point, scale, and date.
   (M)   Copies of any proposed restrictions.
('83 Code, § 156.12)  (Ord. 27-1960, passed 7-12-60)