(A)   The grades of streets shall not exceed the following.
      (1)   Highways, primary and secondary thoroughfares, or parkways, designated as such on the major street plan, 5%.  Minimum grades shall not be less than .5%.
      (2)   Local streets, 10%. Minor streets, service drives and alleys, 15%.
      (3)   Pedestrian ways or crosswalks, 20%, unless steps of an acceptable design are to be constructed.
   (B)   All changes in street grades above l% shall be connected by vertical curves of a minimum length equal to 30 times the algebraic difference in the rate of grade for highways, major streets, and parkways, and one-half of this minimum for all other streets.
   (C)   The radii of curvature on the center line shall not be less than the following.
      (1)   Highways, thoroughfares, and parkways, 500 feet.
      (2)   Local streets, minor streets, service drives and alleys, 100 feet.
('83 Code, § 156.42) (Ord. 27-1960, passed 7-12-60) Penalty, see § 154.99