(A)   Construction plans for improvements to be installed (three copies) shall be prepared by a registered professional engineer, whose seal shall appear thereon, in accordance with specifications of the officials having jurisdiction, and shall be revised as may be necessary. These plans shall receive approval of these officials before improvements are installed.
   (B)   Construction plans for improvements shall include the following.
      (1)   A plan and profile of each street, referenced to the city datum, at a horizontal scale of 40 feet or less to the inch, and a vertical scale of ten feet or less to the inch, with tentative grades indicated; including plans and profiles of proposed sanitary sewers, also stormwater sewers, if required, with grades and sizes indicated.
      (2)   A typical cross-section of each proposed street, at a horizontal and vertical scale of ten feet or less to the inch, showing the width of pavement, the location and width of sidewalks, and the location of utility mains.
      (3)   Complete grading plan.
      (4)   A plan of the proposed water distribution system, showing pipe sizes and the location of valves and fire hydrants.
('83 Code, § 156.14) (Ord. 27-1960, passed 7-12-60)