General Provisions
   34.01   Adoption of state law relative to fire and police pension systems
   34.02   Police regulations adopted by reference
   34.03   Payment of police personnel for court appearances
   34.04   Law Enforcement Foundation Program
Hiring Regulations
   34.20   Introduction
   34.21   Definitions
   34.22   Authorization for hiring process; advertising requirement
   34.23   Prerequisite qualifications and requirements of applicants for police officer
   34.24   Re-employment
   34.25   Certified peace officer
   34.26   Testing and evaluation procedures
   34.27   Physical fitness evaluation
   34.28   Written examination
   34.29   Suitability screener, personal background investigation and polygraph examination
   34.30   Oral interview and evaluation
   34.31   Education
   34.32   Experience
   34.33   Residence points
   34.34   Military service
   34.35   Eligibility list
   34.36   Recommendation and selection
   34.37   Medical examination and qualifications
Requirements During the Period Prior to Appointment as a Career Status Police Officer
   34.50   Agreement
   34.51   Oath required
   34.52   Orientation and processing of newly appointed police officers
   34.53   Probationary appointment
   34.54   Pay and compensation for newly employed police trainees and police officers
   34.55   Basic police training course required
   34.56   Performance of duties during probationary period
   34.57   Assignment of coach-advisor to probationary police officer
   34.58   Employee evaluation reports (EER); effect on career status
   34.59   Termination of employment during probationary period of employment
   34.60   Career status appointment