(A)   The procedures and requirements for recruitment, selection, employment, training and evaluation of entry level police officers with the rank of officer for the Department of Police (also referred to herein as the “Police Department”) of the City of Ashland, Kentucky, shall be hereafter prescribed in this subchapter or any future amending or superseding ordinance thereto. Each officer of the Ashland Police Department shall be bound by the requirements of this subchapter and shall be subject to the rules, regulations, general orders, and special orders of the Ashland Police Department.
   (B)   This subchapter and §§ 34.50 through 34.60 shall be known and may be referred to as the “Comprehensive Hiring Ordinance for Police Officers for the Department of Police of the City of Ashland.”
   (C)   For the purpose of this subchapter and §§ 34.50 through 34.60, those words, terms or phrases used herein in the masculine gender shall include the feminine gender, and those words, terms or phrases used herein in the feminine gender shall include the masculine gender, except where the usage clearly indicates otherwise.
(Ord. 172-2018, passed 12-13-18)