(A)   A coach-adviser of the rank of career status police officer shall be assigned to each probationary police officer. The coach-adviser shall instruct, demonstrate and assist the probationary police officer to whom he/she is assigned in all aspects of related duties including, but not limited to, the following:
      (1)   Familiarization with the rules and regulations, report systems, general orders and directives;
      (2)   Use and care of city equipment, including vehicles;
      (3)   Proper use and care of personal equipment and uniforms;
      (4)   Departmental procedures;
      (5)   Conduct, on and off duty;
      (6)   Pro-active patrol;
      (7)   Arrest, court and radio procedures;
      (8)   Driving and investigation techniques;
      (9)   Traffic control and procedure;
      (10)   Vice control;
      (11)   Juvenile laws and procedures; and
      (12)   Citizen complaints.
   (B)   Such coach-adviser shall file with the probationary police officer’s team commander progress and evaluation reports, in writing, on forms provided, which will assist the team commander in evaluating the probationary member for final release to regular assignments. The police officer training coordinator shall file periodic evaluation reports of the probationary member with the Field Operations Division Commander, who shall advise the Chief of Police of the probationary member’s progress.
(Ord. 172-2018, passed 12-13-18)