(A)   If not disqualified by reason of any prior required examination and evaluation, each applicant shall submit to a medical examination by a qualified physician selected by the city who shall evaluate the applicant’s medical history to determine the applicant’s ability to perform essential job functions for the position of police officer.
   (B)   The required medical pre-placement examination will include a medical history, complete physical examination, and will include, but is not limited to, the following tests:
      (1)   Chest x-ray;
      (2)   Electrocardiogram;
      (3)   Audiometric exam;
      (4)   Pulmonary function studies;
      (5)   Visual acuity testing;
      (6)   CBC, blood chemistry profile and HIV testing;
      (7)   TB skin unless history of previous positive testing;
      (8)   Urine drug screen.
   (C)   The findings of the medical history/physical examination, and the preceding listed tests, should be compatible with performance of the mental and physical demands as listed in the job description and meeting standards as established by KLEC and P.O.P.S. Medical Screening. The KLEC/P.O.P.S. Medical Screening Guidelines Implementation Manual is attached to the ordinance codified herein (Ord. 172-2018) as Addendum C.
   (D)   Conditions which are of questionable etiology are to be referred to the employee’s personal physician for further evaluation prior to any medical clearance being issued. The results and diagnosis from an employee’s personal physician may be utilized in determining the fitness for placement.
   (E)   Placement of any employee whose condition or history indicates other than normal health should not put the employee, fellow workers, or the public at any increased risk of injury or health detriment.
   (F)   The examiner shall express his opinion in writing as to whether or not the applicant is physically fit for duty as a police officer.
(Ord. 172-2018, passed 12-13-18)