(A)   Each police trainee shall attend and successfully complete the course of instruction designed as a Basic Police Training Course and taught by the Kentucky Justice Cabinet, DOCJT, within one year of the date of appointment pursuant to KRS 95.955. There shall be no expense to such member for the course of instruction.
   (B)   Failure to successfully complete training by:
      (1)   Failing a test and re-test;
      (2)   Failing to successfully complete the comprehensive examination at the conclusion of basic training; or
      (3)   Failing to adhere to Department of Criminal Justice Training rules and regulations, codes of conduct and any disciplinary action resulting in the trainee not being able to complete the basic training course; and
      (4)   Failing to meet entry or exit level physical fitness standards, shall result in termination of employment of such member.
(Ord. 172-2018, passed 12-13-18)