(A)   Based upon total scores for all phases of the employment process described herein, applicants shall be placed upon an eligibility list in the order of highest point value earned to lowest point value earned. The Chief of Police may interview the top three applicants on the eligibility list, or may elect to review the information for each of the top three applicants, and recommend one of the applicants for employment to the City Manager, who may recommend the applicant to the Board of City Commissioners. The Chief of Police shall have access to all employment information for use during the interview.
   (B)   The eligibility list shall remain effective for one year from the date the first appointment is made or until the City Manager, in his discretion, determines that a new hiring list should be created, whichever is shorter. Thereupon, a new application process begins. Qualified applicants listed on the eligibility list shall be recommended for employment from time-to-time in the same manner as described above, as vacancies occur in the Ashland Police Department. Notices to applicants placed on the eligibility list shall advise them of establishment of the eligibility list and that the list may remain in force for a one-year period. To qualify for the eligibility list, the applicant shall agree to affirmatively notify the city of any change of circumstances, personal information or facts stated on the application. The name of an applicant shall be removed from the eligibility list after appointment to a position, or after refusing an appointment to a position, or after it becomes known that an applicant has engaged in fraud or made a misstatement of material fact on the application, PHQ, or other pre-employment document, or after the list has expired, or after the City Manager determines a new list be created. Departmental seniority shall be determined first by date of appointment and then by total point score in the employment process.
   (C)   During the year the roster remains in effect, candidates may be required to retest certain phases of the Peace Officers Professional Standards as some tests expire one year after the original test date. The Chief of Police will determine if any test(s) require an update prior to making a recommendation to the City Manager.
(Ord. 172-2018, passed 12-13-18)