(A)   Upon having satisfactorily met requirements prior to the oral interview as set forth in this subchapter, the applicant shall meet with the Chief of Police or his designee, the Human Resources Director or his/her designee, and a career status police officer for the purpose of submitting to an oral interview in order that those conducting the interview may better ascertain the applicant’s qualification for the position of Police Officer and of the applicant’s probability of completing all training established by the Kentucky Justice Cabinet, DOCJT, and applicant’s probationary period of employment.
   (B)   Persons conducting the interviews of applicants shall have at their disposal the results of all investigations, PHQ, employment application and documents attached thereto. The officer conducting the background investigation shall be present during the oral interview and evaluation. The interview allows a maximum of 30 points. There is no minimum; however, each interviewer shall mark candidates as acceptable or not acceptable. The City Manager may review the interview sheets of candidates marked not acceptable by a majority of the interviewers. Unless the City Manager overrules the not acceptable recommendations for just cause, no such candidate shall be recommended for hire. A copy of the interview sheet is attached hereto.
(Ord. 172-2018, passed 12-13-18)