Article 1: Licensing and Registration
   4-1.101   Licensing and registration required
   4-1.102   License application
   4-1.103   License application; examination
   4-1.104   License fee
   4-1.105   Issuance of license
   4-1.106   Expiration of license
   4-1.107   License nontransferable
   4-1.108   [Reserved]
   4-1.109   Form of license number and registration card
   4-1.110   Affixing license numbers
   4-1.111   Loss of license numbers; renumbering
   4-1.112   Loss of registration cards
   4-1.113   Disposal of bicycles as junk; registration cards
   4-1.114   Altering and removing licenses and registration cards
   4-1.115   Altering and removing serial numbers
   4-1.116   Altered or removed serial numbers; transactions prohibited
   4-1.117   Police Department serial numbers
   4-1.118   Replacing Police Department serial numbers
   4-1.119   Marking new parts with Police Department serial numbers
Article 2: Equipment and Mechanical Condition
   4-1.201   Scope of provisions
   4-1.202   Carriers
   4-1.203   Fenders
   4-1.204   Handlebar grips
   4-1.205   Stands
   4-1.206   Warning devices
   4-1.207   Sirens and whistles prohibited
Article 3: Operation
   4-1.301   Safe mechanical condition and equipment required
   4-1.302   Compliance with article
   4-1.303   Riding on sidewalks; exception
   4-1.304   Riding on playgrounds, parks, and school grounds
   4-1.305   Riding in groups
   4-1.306   Clinging to moving vehicles
   4-1.307   Carrying passengers
   4-1.308   Towing vehicles and persons
   4-1.309   Parking
   4-1.310   Speed
   4-1.311   Racing
   4-1.312   Stunt riding
   4-1.313   Obedience to traffic signals and signs
   4-1.314   Turning movements
   4-1.315   Turning movements; hand signals
   4-1.316   Crossing sidewalks
   4-1.317   Meeting and passing
   4-1.318   Accident reports
Article 4: Purchases, Sales, and Rentals
   4-1.401   Definition
   4-1.402   Bicycle establishments; license required
   4-1.403   Bicycle establishments; revocation of license
   4-1.404   Bicycle establishments; reissuance of license
   4-1.405   Bicycle establishments; bicycle register
   4-1.406   Bicycle establishments; bicycle register; inspection by Police Department
   4-1.407   Bicycle establishments; reports of transactions
   4-1.408   Bicycle establishments; Police Department records
   4-1.409   Bicycle establishments; used parts; inspection by Police Department
   4-1.410   Bicycle establishments; transaction requirements
   4-1.411   Bicycle establishments; transactions with minors and intoxicated persons
   4-1.412   Sale or transfer of ownership
   4-1.413   Sale or transfer of ownership; application for new registration card
   4-1.414   Bicycle rental agencies; bicycle licenses and registration cards
   4-1.415   Bicycle rental agencies; bicycle licenses nontransferable
   4-1.416   Sale of abandoned bicycles by Police Department
Article 5: Violations
   4-1.501   Penalty