General Provisions
   156.01   Definitions
   156.02   Interpretation of provisions
   156.03   Inspections
   156.04   Materials and workmanship generally
   156.05   Work done by public utility companies
   156.06   Tests
   156.07   Orders to repair system
Permit Provisions
   156.20   Permit required
   156.21   Permit fees
   156.22   Permits and licenses required for certain work
Material Requirements; Work Regulations
   156.35   Type pipe to be used
   156.36   Use of copper tubing
   156.37   Main drain
   156.38   Drain pipes to be securely fastened; grade
   156.39   Quality, size and grade of pipe from house to sewer
   156.40   Height of pipes above roof
   156.41   Use of curve pipes
   156.42   Connections
   156.43   Use of galvanized wrought iron for carrying greasy waste
   156.44   Rain leaders
   156.45   Water heaters
   156.46   Hot water supply systems
   156.47   Flush valves; cross connections
   156.48   Water service pipe; second hand pipe and fixtures
   156.49   Joints
   156.50   Traps
   156.51   Refrigerator and overflow waste
   156.52   Flushing pipes of water closets
   156.53   Separate drain for safes
   156.54   Cesspools and privies not to be connected to sewers
   156.55   Steam exhausts and blow-off
   156.56   Cellar and stable drains; surface water
   156.57   Open connections prohibited
Drain Layers
   156.70   License required
   156.71   Examination; Board
   156.72   Issuance
   156.73   Board of Examiners of Plumbers