Sections 156.42 through 156.48 and 156.22 of this chapter shall not apply to any company especially chartered by the state to distribute and sell gas and operating under the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Commission which may, by its employees, install or repair gas piping in any building and make gas connections to the devices and appliances. In doing such, it shall observe and follow any ordinances specifying the manner in which the work shall be done, and shall take out the permits relating to each installation job as would be required of others. Any ordinance governing or applying to persons relating to or requiring a license for, or requiring a bond for, or prohibiting them from installing or repairing gas piping and gas fuel operated devices, appliances and accessories shall not apply to the specially chartered companies or their employees when working as employees of the companies, except that any fee based on per fixture installation shall be paid.
(1967 Code, § 16-20)