§ 156.49  JOINTS.
   All joints shall be accurately fitted and made perfectly secure and tight. Joints in vitrified tile pipe shall be made with a good quality hydraulic cement, and the inside of the pipes carefully wiped and left smooth and clean. Joints in iron pipes shall be made with oakum and lead thoroughly calked. In lieu of cast iron soil pipe calked with leaded joints as is specified in this subchapter, the contractor may use cast iron soil pipe of the same weight and general dimensions but modified to the use of a positive-seal compression type molded Neoprene gasket. Joints shall be assembled by means of special tools designed for this purpose. Otherwise, the installation of this material shall conform to this subchapter. Joints in lead pipes shall be made with brass ferrules properly soldered to lead pipe and calked into hub of iron pipe with oakum and lead. Joints between water closets and drain pipe shall be made with approved brass flange, made up with gasket or white or red lead, and in no case will cement or putty joints be allowed.
(1967 Code, § 16-23)  Penalty, see § 10.99