§ 156.45  WATER HEATERS.
   (A)   All water heaters using gas or oil as a fuel and all existing water heaters that are changed or replaced shall be provided with a metal flue, the cross sectional area of which shall not be less than the aggregate area of the vent outlet of the appliance connected to them. This does not apply to appliances which have no vent outlet.
   (B)   Flues for the venting of gas or oil appliances shall be made of 24-gauge iron or other approved material and shall be connected to a chimney or carried two feet above the roof or to the outer air.
   (C)   Every flue-connected appliance (except an incinerator), unless its construction serves the same purpose, shall be equipped with an effective draft hood.
   (D)   No water heater using gas or oil as a fuel shall be installed in a bathroom, bedroom or closet, toilet or any occupied room normally kept closed.
(1967 Code, § 16-16)  Penalty, see § 10.99