Sec. 19-542. Prospective application of new law or interpretation or application of law.
   (a)   Unless expressly authorized by law, the tax collector shall not apply any newly enacted legislation retroactively or in a manner that will penalize a taxpayer for complying with prior law.
   (b)   If the tax collector adopts a new interpretation or application of any provision of this chapter or determines that any provision applies to a new or additional category or type of business and the change in interpretation or application is not due to a change in the law:
   (1)   The change in interpretation or application applies prospectively only unless it is favorable to taxpayers.
   (2)   The tax collector shall not assess any tax, penalty or interest retroactively based on the change in interpretation or application.
   (c)   For purposes of subsection (b), "new interpretation or application" includes policies and procedures which differ from established interpretations of this chapter.
   (d)   [Reserved.]
(Ord. No. 9652, § 9, 1-14-02; Ord. No. 10287, § 2, 6-13-06)