General Provisions
   97.001   Posting on public property
   97.002   Exemption for official governmental or utility notices
   97.003   Exceptions
Distribution of Handbills
   97.015   Definitions
   97.016   Exemption for official governmental notices, mail and newspapers
   97.017   Restricted in public places
   97.018   Placing on vehicles
   97.019   Depositing on uninhabited or vacant premises
   97.020   Prohibited where properly posted
   97.021   Inhabited private premises
Advertising Vehicles
   97.035   License required
   97.036   Chapter 110 applicable
   97.037   Refusal of right to operate on certain streets
   97.038   Speed
   97.039   Sound trucks
   Alcoholic beverages, see ch. 111
   Amusements, see ch. 113
   Escort services, ch. 118
   Food and food handlers, ch. 112
   Licenses, see ch. 110
   Pawnbrokers and dealers in precious metals and gems, see ch. 116
   Peddlers and vendors, see ch. 117
   Pest control, see ch. 120
   Sales, see ch. 115
   Signs and outdoor advertising, see ch. 155
   Vehicles for hire, see ch. 124
Statutory reference:
   Regulation of distribution of handbills, see SDCL 9-30-3
   Signs and advertising in public places, see SDCL 9-30-3