The property owner, person in possession or person removing snow or ice from any sidewalk, public or private driveway, parking lot or parking area shall dispose of accumulated snow and ice upon the property as follows.
   (a)   Snow and ice shall not be deposited on any sidewalk or in any park.
   (b)   Snow and ice shall not be deposited so as to obstruct or interfere with the passage or vision of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
   (c)   In the area designated zone 1 for snow alerts, snow and ice shall not be deposited upon any public street or alley that has been cleared of snow by the grading of snow away from the curb or the picking up and carrying away of snow by the city. Snow and ice may be deposited on the street until it has been cleared.
   (d)   In all areas outside zone 1, no snow may be blown, pushed, or otherwise placed on any street at any time (both before and after the street has been plowed).
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