(a)   Before any sidewalk or private driveway approach is constructed within the right-of-way by any contractor or person for the owners of abutting property, the contractor or person must first secure a permit from the city engineer unless the sidewalk or driveway approach will be constructed as part of a plan covered by a building permit. In these instances, the sidewalk and driveway approach construction will be covered by the building permit.
   (b)   Any person installing or constructing a sidewalk within the right-of-way and in front of or along property owned by him or her shall obtain a permit. The sidewalk shall be constructed in accordance with city specifications. If the city determines that the sidewalk was not constructed in accordance with city specifications, it shall be replaced by the property owner. The persons shall be exempt from the provisions of §§ 96.030 and 96.031. Driveway approach permits will only be granted to bonded and insured contractors.
(1992 Code, § 38-43) (Ord. 104-99, passed 10-14-1999; Ord. 28-17, passed 3-21-2017)