(a)   When the city council deems it necessary to construct or improve a local or collector street by special assessment where the streets are not improved or do not meet city design standards, the total cost of the improvements shall include, but not be limited to, the cost of acquisition of right-of-way and easements, grading, paving, curb and gutter, storm sewer, intersection improvements, utilities, utility relocation, engineering and testing, inspection, publication and legal expenses. Engineering, testing and inspection expenses shall not exceed the amounts shown in the following table:
Construction Contract Value
Professional Fee
Under $500,000
Actual cost up to 20%
$500,001 to $1,000,000
Actual cost up to 18%
$1,000,001 to 5,000,000
Actual cost up to 16%
$5,000,001 and greater
Actual cost up to 14%
   (b)   A property owner who donates the necessary land for right-of-way and easement purposes in accordance with city design standards shall not be assessed for the cost of acquisition of right-of-way and easements. Property owners who do not donate necessary right-of-way may be assessed for costs associated for the acquisition of the property, necessary utility relocation or easements necessary to construct the street.
   (c)   Property owners abutting the local or collector street improvement shall be assessed for actual costs of the street and utilities as limited to local and collector street standards.
(1992 Code, § 38-32) (Ord. 103-99, passed 10-14-1999; Ord. 9-02, passed 2-11-2002; Ord. 66-04, passed 6-14-2004; Ord. 97-07, passed 6-18-2007; Ord. 10-09, passed 1-12-2009)