§ 96.087  PERMIT FEE.
   The following fees shall be charged for permits. The city shall compute the amount of the fee which shall be paid to the city. No fee provided for by this section shall be charged for work for city purposes by departments of the city.
Construction permit (installation of public improvements; including street grading, curb and gutter, roadway subbase, base and surface, drainage and flood control, water, and sanitary sewer in proposed subdivisions)
Excavation and grading permit (grading outside the street right-of-way in proposed subdivisions and individual lots as defined by the Uniform Building Code)
Other fees:
   Permanent repair during winter when weather permits usage of permanent patch
      0–16 square feet
      For each additional square foot
   Replacing asphaltic surface cuts, permanent repair when hot asphalt is available
      0–16 square feet
      For each additional square foot
   A mobilization charge of $50 will be assessed if the patch area is not properly prepared and the city patch crew has been requested to the site.
   The city reserves the right to require the contractor to provide their own qualified asphalt contractor for patching of the street. All expenses incurred are to be paid by the contractor.
Sewer, water and sump pump permit (installation, removal, repair or maintenance of sanitary sewer services, water services, storm sewer services and sump pump services)
Sidewalk and driveway permit (new access points from private property to city streets including construction or repair of driveways and sidewalks)
Street cut permit (installation, removal, repair or maintenance of private facilities other than sanitary sewer, water and storm sewer services in the public right-of-way or easement)
Sump pump collection system permit (connection to an existing collection system not constructed by the developer of lot connecting to the system)
Sump pump connection permit (installation of sump pump discharge line from building to storm sewer or collection system)
Contractors and utility companies will be billed monthly, payable within 30 days after the billing date.
(1992 Code, § 38-62)  (Ord. 104-99, passed 10-14-1999; Ord. 106-00, passed 12-12-2000; Ord. 13-05, passed 2-14-2005; Ord. 91-06, passed 7-24-2006)