1042.01   Definitions.
1042.02   Connections to sewers required where available.
1042.03   Installation of private systems; permit required; application; issuance.
1042.04   Contractor's license; fee.
1042.05   Authority to install; percolation tests; performance standards.
1042.06   Contractor's duties.
1042.07   Specifications for new systems.
1042.08   Specifications for replacements.
1042.09   Room additions.
1042.10   Aerobic digestion system defined.
1042.11   Construction of aerobic systems.
1042.12   Installation of aerobic systems.
1042.13   Maintenance and operation of aerobic systems.
1042.14   Location of septic tanks.
1042.15   Location of disposal fields.
1042.16   Construction of septic tanks.
1042.17   Installation of septic tanks.
1042.18   Subsurface seepage fields.
1042.19   Adoption of State Private Sewage Disposal Licensing Act and Code; conflicts.
1042.20   Enforcement; inspections.
1042.21   Notice of violation.
1042.22   Certificate of approval of septic systems.
1042.23   Plot plan and drawing prints; instruction cards.
1042.24   Nuisances; abatement.
1042.25   Revocation and suspension of contractor's registration.
1042.26   Hearings.
1042.27   Conflict of laws.
1042.28   Citation notice.
1042.29   Owners license; fee.
1042.30   Owner's responsibility for repairs; reinspection fee.
1042.31   Prohibition in regard to new private sewage disposal systems.
1042.99   Penalty; equitable remedies.
   Power to construct and regulate sewers and cesspools - see Ill. R. S. Ch. 24, Sec. 11-109-1
   Offensive smells - see GEN. OFF. 652.01(e)
   Pollution of water - see GEN. OFF. 652.01(i) et seq.
   Privies as nuisances - see GEN. OFF. 652.01(s)
   Sewers - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 1040
   On-site private sewage disposal system charges and fees - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 1050