All new private sewage disposal systems shall be of the aerobic type, requiring an initial settling tank of at least 500 gallons, an aeration tank of at least 850 gallons and a clarification tank of at least 500 gallons. Each system shall have a buried sand filter bed of at least twenty feet by twenty feet by five feet, and shall have a median of filter sand to a depth of at least thirty inches. Only bird's eye sand shall be used in such filter beds. All new systems shall contain a chlorine tank with a minimum inside diameter of twenty-four inches, a minimum depth of at least five feet and a capacity of at least fifty gallons. Such tank shall have the capability of providing contact time of at least thirty minutes and shall include a holding tube capable of storing at least fifteen two-inch chlorine tablets. Chlorine tanks shall be followed, within six feet, by an inspection tank of approximately the same size as the chlorine tank. 
   The first tank of any private sewage disposal system shall be not closer than twenty-five feet to the main residence. All systems and parts thereof shall meet or exceed the standards set by the Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Licensing Act and Code and by the National Sanitation Foundation.
   All wastewater, including that from floor drains, must discharge through the sand filter and chlorinator. Effective run-off of the discharge shall be provided. Sump pumps handling drainage tile, downspouts and the discharge from water softeners and filtration equipment shall not discharge into the private disposal system.
(Ord. 1984-22. Passed 12-10-84.)