In order that the owner or occupant of a building served by a septic tank - seepage field sewage disposal system may properly maintain the system, a permanent print of the plot plan and drawings, or a photostat thereof, showing the actual installation, shall be filed with the Village.  An instruction card shall also be permanently mounted in the utility room or basement, setting forth the following:  limitations on the use of a plumbing system that is connected to an individual septic tank sewage disposal system; limitations on the use of the lot area over the tile seepage field; instructions on inspecting, cleaning and maintaining the septic tank; possible reasons for improper functioning of the system should it occur; and possible remedies, including relocation of the seepage tile lines.
(Ord. 1973-7.  Passed 9-24-73; Ord. 1984-22.  Passed 12-10-84.)