(a)   No owner of a private sewage disposal system who is found to be in violation of any of the provisions of this chapter, and who has been given notice in accordance with Section 1042.21, shall fail to make repairs within the time specified in the notice. 
(Ord. 1983-5. Passed 5-23-83.)
   (b)   Where any private sewage disposal system is found to be defective, thereby requiring a reinspection, a reinspection fee of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) shall be assessed against the owner of the defective system for each and every reinspection required.  In addition, in the event that the Village incurs lab testing fees relative to any such reinspection, the cost of the lab testing fees shall also be assessed against the owner of the defective system, in accordance with Chapter 208 of the Village Code.  These fees shall not be charged if the system is found to be in compliance with the provisions of this chapter on the first inspection date.
(Ord. 1995-35.  Passed 8-14-95; Ord. 2011-10.  Passed 3-14-11.)