(a)   All private sewage disposal systems in the Village shall be installed and/or serviced by private sewage disposal system contractors licensed by the Village, except that a homeowner may install and/or service a private sewage disposal system which serves his or her own personal residence.
   (b)   Percolation tests, as required by this chapter, shall be conducted by either a State licensed private sewage disposal system contractor, a State registered engineer or architect, a State registered sanitarian, a soil scientist, an authorized representative of the Building Department or other professional persons acceptable to the Commissioner of Public Health and Safety or his or her designated representative.
   (c)   The minimum performance standards for private sewage disposal system contractors and for a homeowner who installs a private sewage disposal system for his or her personal residence shall be the same as the minimum performance standards promulgated under authority granted in the current Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Licensing Act and Code.
(Ord. 1975-4. Passed 2-26-75; Ord. 1995-16   Passed 5-22-95.)