Whenever the Building Department determines that a violation of any provision of this chapter has occurred, the Health Department shall give notice to the person responsible for such violation. The notice shall:
   (a)   Be in writing;
   (b)   Include a statement of the reasons for issuance of the notice;
   (c)   Allow a reasonable time, as determined by the Building Department, for performance of any act required;
   (d)   Be served upon the person responsible for the violation, provided that such notice shall be deemed to have been properly served upon the person responsible for the violation when a copy thereof has been sent by registered or certified mail to his or her last known address as furnished to the Building Department or when he or she has been served with such notice by any other method authorized by the laws of the State; and
   (e)   Contain an outline of the remedial action which is required to effect compliance with this chapter. 
(Ord. 1975-4.  Passed 2-26-75.)