(a)   Every owner of a private sewage disposal system shall obtain a license therefor from the Village and pay the proper fee therefor.
   (b)   The fee for such license shall be as set forth in Section 1040.27(a).
   (c)   (EDITOR'S NOTE:  Subsection (c) was repealed by Ordinance 1996-16, passed June 10, 1996.)
   (d)   The owner of a private sewage disposal system who fails to obtain the license required in this section by June 30 shall pay an additional five dollars ($5.00) per month after the due date as a penalty for failure to obtain the license in a timely manner.
(Ord. 1983-5. Passed 5-23-83; Ord.1984-22. Passed 12-10-84; Ord. 1987-46. Passed 10-12-87; Ord. 1995-16.  Passed 5-22-95; 1996-16.  Passed 6-10-96.)