In the installation of septic tanks:
   (a)   The house sewer shall be laid with cast iron pipe from the foundation of the building or structure being served to the septic tank. All joints shall be properly caulked so as to be watertight. The house sewer shall be set in trenches and shall have a downward pitch to the septic tank of not less than one-fourth of an inch per running foot. It shall be securely caulked at its point of entry into the inlet of the septic tank.
   (b)   The septic tank shall be set in place true to level and not less than eighteen inches below finished grade. Adequate provision shall be made for inspection and clean-out.
   (c)   The effluent sewer from the septic tank to the main distribution box shall be installed with glazed tile having cement mortar joints and shall be set in trenches with a downward pitch to the main distribution box of not less than one-twentieth of an inch to the running foot. The effluent sewer tile shall be set in place not less than eighteen inches below finished grade.
(Ord. 1973-7. Passed 9-24-73.)
   (d)   All residences shall have a minimum of 5, 000 square feet of area excavated to a minimum depth of forty-eight inches. Excavated area shall be backfilled with porous soil. An engineer's report shall be given to the Village indicating the density, porosity and permeability of the soil used. Excavations shall be backfilled in layers, leveled and moderately compacted by a tractor or other suitable compacting device to grade. Trenches shall be dug thirty inches deep and shall be a minimum of thirty-six inches wide. The trenches shall be ten feet from the center of one trench to the center of the next trench. The trench shall then be filled with twelve inches of one and one-half inch stone and four-inch field tile shall be laid on the stone. The tile should then be covered with eight inches of one-half to three-quarter inch stone and the remainder of the trench shall then be covered with porous soil to grade. If the residence has more than three bedrooms, an additional 1,000 square feet of excavated area shall be required for each bedroom in excess of three.
(Ord. 1976-7. Passed 4-26-76.)