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   (Amended by Ord. No. 185,587, Eff. 7/16/18.)
   Every change of occupancy to one classified in a different group or a different division of the same group, as described in Division 3, Article 1, Chapter IX of the LAMC, shall require a new Certificate of Occupancy whether or not any alterations to the building are required by this Code.  For the purpose of this division, the occupancy group and division of interconnected assembly rooms shall be based on the total occupant load in such rooms.
   If the building or portion thereof does not conform to the requirements of this Code for the proposed occupancy group or division, the building or portion thereof shall be made to conform.  The Department may issue a new Certificate of Occupancy without stating therein that all of the requirements of the Code have been met and without requiring compliance with all such requirements if it is found that the change in occupancy group or division will result in no overall increase in hazard to life, limb, health, property or public welfare.