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   (Amended by Ord. No. 171,175, Eff. 7/25/96.)
91.8303.1.  Every application to the Department of Building and Safety for a relocation permit shall be in writing upon a form furnished by that Department and shall set forth such information as that Department may reasonably require in order to carry out the purposes of this division.
91.8303.2.  (Amended by Ord. No. 185,587, Eff. 7/16/18.)  Each such application shall be signed by the person owning or having legal control of the site upon which the building or structure is to be relocated, and prior to any appeal or the issuance of any permit there shall be filed fully delineated working drawings, electrical and mechanical plans and complete specifications.  Such working drawings, plans and specifications shall show all new construction, materials, fixtures and fittings and any alterations, repairs or additions to be made to existing construction.  Such plans shall also include floor plans, elevations and necessary construction details so as to show conformity with the intent of this section.  Such drawings, plans and specifications shall, in addition to the requirements of LAMC Subdivision, show all site preparation, grading and improvements.
   The applicant shall assume all responsibility for the preparation and completeness of said plans.  In the event the City elects to complete the building or to demolish the building under the provisions of the Municipal Code, the City reserves the right to interpret errors or omissions or supply missing information on the plans.  The City shall not be responsible for the performance of the work done under any contract entered into to complete or demolish the building.
91.8303.3.  Any lot within the City from which a building or structure is moved shall be cleared of all debris resulting from such removal.  The footings and foundation walls shall be removed to grade and the lot shall be graded as necessary to provide drainage to a street, gutter or other approved location.  A demolition permit shall be secured by the owner to authorize this work.