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   (Amended by Ord. No. 171,175, Eff. 7/25/96.)
91.8307.1.  Whenever the Department of Building and Safety finds that:
   1.   A building has not been lowered onto its foundation within 60 days after issuance of the relocation permit; or
   2.   A default has occurred in the performance of any term or condition of the relocation permit; or
   3.   The applicant has failed to complete the work required as specified by the permit, plans and/or specifications approved for the project within the time prescribed, the Department shall be authorized to give notice to the applicant and to the surety, if any, to complete the work or perform the condition within a specified additional time, not to exceed 60 days.  Such notice shall be served upon the applicant and the surety, if any, by certified mail, and shall be deemed to have been so served when placed in the United States mail, postage prepaid and addressed to such person.  No person shall fail or refuse to comply with such notice.  However, such notice may be complied with by demolishing and removing the building or structure and restoring the site within the time prescribed, at the option of the applicant or the surety, as the case may be.
91.8307.2.  If the applicant or the surety fails or refuses to comply with any notice within the time prescribed, the Department shall be authorized to cause the building or structure to be demolished or the work to be completed, whichever it shall determine is reasonable under the circumstances, without further notice or order.  The cost of completing the work or demolishing the building, including the cost of any monitoring or removal of asbestos, plus the 40 percent administration and supervision cost, shall be paid for out of the cash deposit or negotiable United States Treasury Certificates posted with the Department, or from the Repair and Demolition Fund, if no deposit or certificate has been posted.  All sums used for this purposes out of the Repair and Demolition Fund shall be recovered from the surety under the surety bond provided for above.  Any work to be performed by the Department under the provisions of this section shall be done in accordance with the established public works practices of the City of Los Angeles.  If the Department uses any money in the Repair and Demolition Fund for the completion or demolition of any building under the provisions of this section, the Department shall notify the surety, and the surety shall immediately thereafter reimburse the City of Los Angeles therefor under the surety bond.  The City Attorney is authorized to and shall institute any action necessary to the recovery of the money under the surety bond provided for above.  (Amended by Ord. No. 175,596, Eff. 12/7/03.)