Adopt-A-Highway Program
   37.001   Title and purpose
   37.002   Definitions
   37.003   Administrative provisions
   37.004   Powers and duties: Lake County Public Works and Transportation Committee; County Engineer and Lake County Division of Transportation
   37.005   Participation in program generally
   37.006   Applications
   37.007   Application form for participation
   37.008   Open application time periods
   37.009   Division of Transportation review
   37.010   General criteria for processing
   37.011   Division of Transportation report
   37.012   Consideration of the Public Works and Transportation Committee
   37.013   Accepted applications
   37.014   Agreement provisions
   37.015   Signs
   37.016   Safety training
   37.017   Materials provided
   37.018   Litter removal
   37.019   Termination or suspension
Rules and Regulations Governing Public Buildings and Grounds
   37.030   Title
   37.031   Authority
   37.032   Applicability
   37.033   Admission to property
   37.034   Preservation of property
   37.035   Conformity with signs and directions
   37.036   Disturbances
   37.037   Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances
   37.038   Soliciting, vending, and debt collection
   37.039   Distribution of handbills
   37.040   Photographs for news, advertising, or commercial purposes
   37.041   Dogs and other animals
   37.042   Vehicular and pedestrian traffic
   37.043   Weapons and explosives
   37.044   Non-discrimination
   37.045   Authority of Buildings Manager
Procedure for the Management and Disposition of Real Estate and Tax Certificates
Acquired by the County of Lake, as Trustee, for the Respective Taxing Districts Through the Tax Sale
   37.047   Background
   37.048   Definitions
   37.049   Administration of certificates of sale before a court has granted the county’s application for an order directing a tax deed
   37.050   Administration of certificates of sale after a court has granted the county’s application for an order directing a tax deed
   37.051   Sale of property
   37.052   Terms and conditions of sale to an eligible municipality, other taxing body or an affordable housing organization
   37.053   Terms and conditions of sale
   37.054   Payment policy
   37.055   Disposition of parcels not bid
   37.056   Disposition of proceeds
   37.057   Property management
   37.058   Effect of other laws or ordinances
   37.059   Effective date
Occasional Use of Public Areas in Public Buildings
   37.060   Scope and purpose
   37.061   Definitions
   37.062   Permits
   37.063   Alternative permit issuance
   37.064   Disapproval of application or cancellation of permit
   37.065   Appeals from disapproval of application, cancellation of permit, or alternative permit notification
   37.066   Schedule of use
   37.067   Services and costs
   37.068   [Reserved]
   37.069   Posting of notices and information bulletins
   37.070   Non-affiliation with the county
Admissions to Winchester House
   37.086   Definitions
   37.087   Eligibility requirements and admissions priority
   37.088   Charges for services
   37.089   Severability
   37.100   Lake County Health Clinics, formerly TB Sanitarium
Home Health Service
   37.115   Definitions
   37.116   Authorization to collect fees
   37.117   Fee schedule
   37.118   Gifts and bequests
Rules for Neutral Site Custody Exchange
   37.130   Purpose
   37.131   Letter of agreement
   37.132   No fee or charge
   37.133   Records
   37.134   Language interpreters
   37.135   Written request and budget
   37.136   Security for participants
   37.137   Reporting procedures; client compliance
   Appendix A: Adopt-a-Highway Program Agreement