Applications that are complete shall be reviewed and a staff report prepared for the Public Works and Transportation Committee and presented by the County Engineer showing the following:
   (A)   The names of the groups desiring to adopt each available section of county highway for their primary choice, ranked in the following order:
      (1)   Groups desiring to have a renewal of the section they currently have adopted and that meet the requirements of § 37.010(A). Renewals shall only be considered in the applicable application cycle;
      (2)   Groups having a financial relationship to property frontage along the section (sorted by lottery, if necessary);
      (3)   Civic groups (sorted by lottery, if necessary);
      (4)   Single- or multi-family groups (sorted by lottery, if necessary);
      (5)   Not-for-profit groups (sorted by lottery, if necessary); and
      (6)   Private enterprise/commercial groups (sorted by lottery, if necessary).
   (B)   Any relevant review by the State’s Attorney’s Office requested by the County Engineer;
   (C)   The name, or acronym, of the group, as submitted to be placed upon the Adopt-A-Highway sign;
   (D)   The names of those groups assigned to their second choice highway sections also ranked in accordance with subsection (A) above;
   (E)   Recommendations on offers to suggest to be made to particular groups regarding their assignment to other available highway sections, if the groups are not ranked at the top of the list for their primary or secondary choice; and
   (F)   Identification of the group as a civic, single- or multi-family, not-for-profit, or private enterprise/commercial group in a consistent manner.
(1977 Code, § 4:1-11) (Ord. passed 5-9-2000; Ord. passed 4-9-2013)