§ 37.015 SIGNS.
   The sign adopted by the Illinois Department of Transportation and as created by the County Engineer in accordance with § 35 of the Illinois Adopt-A- Highway Act, as amended (605 ILCS 120/35), shall be used to mark the beginning point of the approved section in each direction of travel. No signs shall be used to mark the ending of the approved section. The placement of the signs shall be as determined by the County Engineer or designee and shall be generally on the departure legs of intersections. The name, or acronym, of the group that is placed on the sign shall be that approved by the Public Works and Transportation Committee in accordance with § 37.012. Signs shall be removed for terminated sections and may be removed for the duration of suspended sections.
(1977 Code, § 4:1-11) (Ord. passed 5-9-2000; Ord. passed 4-9-2013)