In addition to being judged complete, applications shall meet the following criteria to be further processed.
   (A)   Renewals shall be granted for additional terms, unless a group has not met the terms, requirements, and procedures of this subchapter.
   (B)   The sections of county highways available for adoption shall be determined by the County Engineer and shall be the lengths of county highways as defined below:
      (1)   Lengths between adjacent intersections of county highways with other county highways, streets, or roads, or state highways, provided that lengths should not be over two miles in distance and shall not be less than one-half mile in distance;
      (2)   Lengths not including sections of county highways determined by the County Engineer to not be appropriate for adoption for safety reasons;
      (3)   Lengths that are determined to be shorter than that required by subsection (B)(1) above should end at intersections where possible;
      (4)   Lengths not to be made available due to conflicting or ongoing or pending road maintenance or construction, or to conflicting ongoing or pending utility maintenance or construction as determined by the County Engineer; and
      (5)   Lengths not already adopted.
   (C)   Only one application from each individual group shall be processed. The County Engineer shall determine which one of any multiple applications that may have been submitted by the same group shall be further processed.
(1977 Code, § 4:1-11) (Ord. passed 5-9-2000; Ord. passed 4-9-2013)