(A)   Costs. The space to be provided under these regulations is furnished free of charge. Services normally provided at the building in question, such as security, cleaning, heating, ventilating, and air- conditioning, shall also be provided free of charge. Crowd control, if needed, will be provided free of charge. The applicant shall reimburse the county for costs of labor and/or services over and above those normally provided. An advance deposit may be required based upon the Buildings Manager’s reasonable estimate of the additional costs associated with the labor and/or services requested. If the applicant desires to provide services, such as security and cleaning, this request must be approved by the Financial and Administrative Committee who may decide to provide the services free of charge if the cost is insignificant and if it is in the public’s interest.
   (B)   Alterations of public area. Generally, there shall be no alteration to designated public areas used under these regulations by persons, firms, or organizations, unless it is determined by the Financial and Administrative Committee that changes should be made in a public building to encourage and aid in the proposed use. The permittee must make adequate provisions for:
      (1)   The protection of the safety of a user of the public area; and
      (2)   The prevention of injury or damage to the public building.
   (C)   Program requirements. The furnishing of any item necessary for the proposed activity, such as audiovisual equipment, and the like, shall be the responsibility of the permittee unless prior arrangements have been made with the Buildings Manager.
(Ord. passed 10-9-2007; Ord. 18-0466, passed 5-8-2018)