The Buildings Manager shall designate locations outside the county buildings as designated public areas where expressive activities may be permitted within the meaning of this subchapter. The Buildings Manager may also develop reasonable time, place and manner rules on the conduct of expressive activities at the designated locations. In designating public areas and developing policies, the Buildings Manager shall attempt to minimize the adverse impact of permitted activities on the free ingress and egress within the building, the conduct of official business, and the free enjoyment of the use of the building by tenants and other members of the public.
   The Buildings Manager further has authority to approve the use of designated locations of County Buildings and property for the use by County departments, county-wide elected official occupants of the County Buildings or the Circuit Court for activities within the scope of the functions of their respective offices, and to approve County, county-wide elected official occupants of the County Buildings or Circuit Court sponsored events and commemorations provided those events or commemorations remain under the control and direction of the County, County elected officials, or the Circuit Court, without requiring compliance with the formal permitting process provided herein.
   Nothing herein limits the authority of the Buildings Manager to allow temporary use of rooms or other private locations within the County Buildings for purposes consistent with the operations of the County Buildings.
(Ord. passed 10-9-2007; Ord. 18-0466, passed 5-8-2018)