The Fire Division shall be composed of the following officers and other members each of whom shall be bonded under the blanket surety bond in the amount of seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500), provided by the City:
   (a)   A Fire Chief,
   (b)   Not more than four Assistant Fire Chiefs;
   (c)   Not more than six Captains;
   (d)   Not more than seven Lieutenants;
   (e)   An aggregate of not more than 70 firemen in Class A and B, with an additional fireman authorized when a vacancy in the officer ranks occurs. In no case shall the total strength of the Division exceed the sum of all officers and firemen enumerated in subsections (a) through (e), or an aggregate of 88. Class A shall consist of those persons who have served twelve months or more in the Division; Class B shall consist of those persons who have served less than twelve months in the Division.
(Ord. 79-130. Passed 5-7-79; Ord. 2009-62.  Passed 2-11-09.)